subtle deimatic


Upon meeting the octopus, it may appear unimpressive. However, if threatened, the animal begins a series of performances that have inspired awe in me. 

The octopus will desist walking on its “arms” and swim away in an attempt to flee and land on a surface that it will magically blend into. It will change hue and texture in order to fool the offender, often creating an incredible display of color. If the threat persists it will spew a cloud of ink to distract and spook. Finally, it will attempt a shock tactic, billowing its tentacles, then turning chalk white with big brown eyes to appear as a different creature.

There is a link between the human and the octopus. I watched videos of this cephalopod unveil its most beautiful attributes when it was afraid and I believe humans too rise up to their potential when facing adversity. I, myself, am swayed to surmount my disinclination to face my emotions. This research has inspired me to embrace my monster octopus and perhaps set it free into the following designs. 

8 looks.