Dear Reader,

You'll find in my portfolio collections influenced by nature. Simple silhouettes. Demure fabrics.

The intrigue is in the details. 



subtle deimatic

Deimatic behavior is behavior that scares off or momentarily distracts a predator, thus giving the prey an opportunity to escape. The octopus displays this kind of behavior and is the inspiration behind this collection. 

weaves & dreams

Raffia is a fiber derived from Madagascar. It is used in floral arrangements, baskets, bags, and hats among many other things. I grew up using it in Tahitian dance costumes. Crafting these costumes by hand gave birth to my passion for the wearable arts. This collection stems from the raffia and the people that prepare it for the rest of the world.

crumbling waves

Waves can be so innocent yet so fatal. They are fascinating in their shape, their behavior, and their intangibility. This collection is inspired by wave shapes and curves, the lines they create in nature and how it all falls apart in ruffles.


This section is dedicated to how I develop my ideas. You'll see a gallery of information and techniques I've gathered during my time at Parsons the New School for Design in New York City, as well as how I've deviated designs from these teachings.