Rava Ray

Polynesian Arts

About Rava Ray


My Hope

I want to decorate bodies with meaningful jewelry. I want to dress you in jewelry that has history and tells a story.

Rava Ray jewelry is inspired by and made with nature. Rocks, seeds, shells, and natural fibers compose the pieces. It is one of a kind.

It is my hope that my jewelry will remind you how beautiful nature is and how perfectly it and we are made.

The Process

Some of the shells I find are covered in calcium or algae and smell. I clean them as thoroughly as possible before sorting them.

Sorting them is a fun yet tedious activity. I separate the shells by kind, color, and size and store them for the day I can integrate them into my pieces.

When the time comes, designing the jewelry is what is most time consuming. I have to think about how the jewelry feels on your skin, if it is balanced, how to pierce the shells, and how to fashion the clasp.

100% Handmade

I find shells with my mother on beaches under the rain. I search for materials while I travel. I purchase shells from local harvesters who live in the outer islands of Tahiti.

I then take these treasures and hand make every necklace you see in my shop.